Wednesday, December 10, 2014

[MOD] Increase RAM Size Of Android

Increase Android RAM

Hi, Here is very Good Mod For Android specially for GB and ICS which consumes lots og RAM!!! I have Increased My Ram From 1GB To 3GB And Its Working Awesome.By This MOD you can easily increase your Android Ram .It is basically an .sh script that enables swapping. This makes device use part of sdcard to use it as RAM memory, so it can be increased a lot...The only requirement is have root, use relatively fast sdcard and have enabled init.d scripts..

Steps To Be Followed :-

1. Properly Root your device
2.- Make a swap partition in your sdcard (this step will format your sdcard!)
2.1-In step 3 select "swap partition"
2.2-I recommend to make ~512MB partition because the SO will be going to fill it during you use the phone, but i always had 1GB partition, and no problems. You can select 512MB to 1024Mb, this is very perfect size.
3.- Check if there is a folder called init.d inside /system/etc/
3.1-If its there, follow next steps
3.2-If it is not there, you must activate init.d support, follow this tutorial :-

3.- Copy 00userinit file to your device (must remove the .txt extension of the file, because i needed to put it to attatch the file)

4.- With root explorer, xplore, or similar copy it to /system/etc/init.d

5.- Set all permissions: rwxr-xr-x

6.- Reboot device

7.- For checking if it works, download Terminal emulator and type "free".

8.- If "swap" line has no "0" value, it works, congratulations 


Download:- 00userinit file

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