Thursday, June 5, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Lock Screen.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Launcher + Lock Screen

This is Samsung Galaxy S5 Lock Screen for all devices. By Sachin_Sinha 
Best use to change lock screen wallpaper and you can change lens flaring to other types of animations changer owner info. Many peoples asking me to change lock screen wallpaper so in this you can customize every lock screen tweeks. In Samsung Galaxy S5 Rom you can't change lock screen wallpaper so by this you can do so.

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To change lock screen wallpaper or to have S5 Lock Screen. You can Download and install [MOD]S5 Lock Screen[SACHIN] .zip
Instruction -
1) Download and Extract [MOD]S5 Lock screen[SACHIN].zip
2) Install apk in you device.

Download -  S Launcher

Download - S5 Loack Screen

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